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... and then, things to do while visiting Lake Tahoe: beside water sports and dining, a theater under the sky of the Sand Harbor state park, the Shakespeare Festival, is a very unique entertainment venue you may enjoy.

As for preparing a quick, organic meal while you are away, here is a recipe for the homemade guacamole:

1 avocado, 1 medium white onion, 1 medium tomato, 1 serrano pepper ( red or yellow ) 1 small lime, handful of cilantro, pinch of coarse sea salt

Toss a pinch of salt in a mashing dish.  Add finely chopped white onion,  tomato, serrano  pepper, cilantro and lime juice.  The choice of red or yellow serrano pepper depends on whether you want your guacamole hot or medium. Crash the mix into a soft pulp with 2 big spoons. Peel off the avocado skin and pound its flesh to a mash with spoons. Blend all. Enjoy!

The only way to keep your guacamole (avocado) from browning the fresh green surface, is once ready made ( or cut avocado) put it in a glass container and push all guacamole or avocado tightly according to the container size, leaving just a bit of space on the surface to pour lukewarm water on top, seal it with tight-fitting lid on your container and refrigerate. When ready to use, pour the water out and stir. Your guacamole will be fresh green for about 2 more days.

Another use of AVOCADO: instead of a toast with butter and/or bacon - toast a thick slice of bread, rubbed with garlic and moist with either olive oil or coconut oil. Layer sliced avocado and tomato on top. Toasted slice of bread with garlic is a classic bruschetta.


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