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Buddho itipiso bhagava buddho bhagavati itipiso bhagava araham itipiso bhagava samma sambuddho


In traditional Chinese medicine, Licorice is commonly used in herbal formula to harmonize the other ingredients in the formula, and relieve a spasmodic cough. In traditional American herbalism, it is used on the Hoxsey anti-cancer formula.

Licorice root is demulcent and mild expectorant. For these properties, it is a domestic remedy for cough and bronchitis generally with decoction of linseed or marshmallow.

list of foods and spices:

*with high amounts of aspirin like substance called salicylates - kill bacteria and thin blood

*with natural antibiotic properties

*omega-3 fatty acids

*vitamin E

herbs high in Salicylates - curry powder, cayenne pepper, ginger, paprika, thyme, cinnamon, dill, oregano, turmeric, licorice

Raw Blueberries - high content of antioxidants help prevent any disease partly caused by  attack from free radicals - cancer and diseases in the circulatory system. Best eaten raw.

Cardamom - helps against infections in the mouth and gums. Helps digestive system against constipation and stomach ache.

Cinnamon - regulates blood sugar, reduces bad cholesterol, helps cure ulcer causing H.pylori bacteria, reduces cytokines that cause arthritic pain

Coffee and Caffeine - increases break-down of fat and sugar to yield energy while stimulating weight loss - without increasing the blood pressure or pulse.  Cup or two a day is healthy, too much can disturb body’s natural flow.

Cayenne - stimulates the work of heart and blood circulation, tissue healing and regeneration - in small doses only. High vitamin E content

Paprika - High vitamin E content, helps circulation, small doses

Chili powder - highest vitamin E content, helps heart and blood circulation, small doses.

Cumin -  antimicrobial. Stimulates body functions , especially stomach and appetite. It helps urine production ( diuretic) - in small doses only.

Clove - kills bacteria. Commonly used by dentist.

Garlic - prevents and fights infectious agents by anti- microbial action. Stimulates the immune system and tissue healing.

Ginger - helps against inflammation,  rheumatic pain, prevents flu and cold.

Green Tea - increases the metabolism and burning of fat.

Hawthorne Berries - make muscles in the walls of veins and arteries contract and relax at the right time thus making the blood circulation more efficient relieving the heart.

Horse Chestnut - helps the collagen fiber structure of the connective tissue in veins.

Marjoram - inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, alleviates inflammation, helps bowel movement, increases appetite, increases the secretion of bile and reduces bloating.  

Rosemary - heals soars but in doing so can increase formation of scar tissue. Strengthens the hair growth  and the nervous system function.

Sage - Salvia strengthens the lung function, reduces inflammation and cough. Used overtime, it helps against Alzheimer’s by reinforcing the cognitive function.

Thyme - helps against respiratory tract infections ( as a tincture, tisane, salve, syrup, or by steam inhalation).

Turmeric - anti- bacterial. In cooking, Turmeric powder helps against stomach problems.  Recent Canadian Clinical research showed that Curcumin, an ingredient in turmeric, dramatically reduces the chance of developing heart failure. It works directly in the cell nucleus by preventing abnormal unraveling of the chromosome under stress ( where enlargement and scarring genes are developed) and preventing excess protein production).

As an essential oil, Turmeric has many applications: antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-parasite, anti-worm. In topical, antiseptic use in skin care, helps cure psoriasis, reduces scar formation on cuts. It is also used against facial hair in women, and is a mosquito repellent ( diluted in a carrier oil like almond or coconut oil).

Other suggested uses of Turmeric oil:

  1. *taken internally for its anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties - has been found useful for arthritis, joint care and muscle pain.

  2. *mixed with honey and pepper makes medicine rubs to cure common cough.

These healing properties of turmeric are well known for thousands of years in India and China ...

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