Sustainable Future
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every day is an opportunity to eat your favorite food and create a new experience - if you have it available, make sure to use certified organic ingredients and avoid processed food filled with refined carbohydrates, fat and sodium.

Dessert - Ice Cream, Frappe, Apple Pie, Crepes, Zabaglione or Fruit Torte

simple, tasty Salad Dressing:

garlic flavored Olive Oil and White

or Balsamic Vinegar

MONDAY  Bell Peppers and Tomato

Salad  great addition to the lunch menu


veggie stuffed grape leaves, served with a plain yogurt or a mineral water


served with steamed asparagus and fruity red wine, garnished with  black olives and parsley

THURSDAY  Blueberries

dipped in yogurt for a healthy breakfast or snacked on throughout the day

FRIDAY Rosemary Skewered meet or fish, a nice way to end the work week

Buddho itipiso bhagava buddho bhagavati itipiso bhagava araham itipiso bhagava samma sambuddho

Sabbe sattā sukhi hontu

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