* To retain color and freshness of ripe bananas, sprinkle them with lemon juice

* If you have a headache, a few drops of lemon juice in your coffee will take the edge off

* Each grain of rice will be cooked separately,  if you add a few drops of lemon in the water during cooking


* While cooking a sauerkraut, add a few slices of apple to enhance the flavor


* To preserve flavor, spices should be added  at the end of cooking

  1. *Unless steamed, potatoes will cook quickly if you add a little olive oil in the boiling water

  2. *To prevent moisture from thickening  salt in its container, add a few grains of rice

``` if you have it available, make sure to use certified organic ingredients in your everyday menu, and avoid processed food filled with refined carbohydrates, fat and sodium.


cooking tips

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